Citizens Commerce Mobile Person to Person Payments (P2P)

What is it?

With Citizens Commerce’s wire transfer service, transferring funds has never been faster and more secure. Transfer funds electronically to and from your Citizens Commerce account domestically and internationally.

How does it Work?

Set your friend or family member up as a payee by entering their name and email address. The recipient will receive a link, enter their bank debit card number and expiration, and submit. The funds are sent instantly!

How do I get started?

To utilize P2P, you must be enrolled in our digital banking and download the mobile app. You can register for online banking at www.citizenscommerce.com or download the mobile app from various app stores. Currently the P2P function is only available on the mobile app. Follow these step by step instructions below to setup payees and start sending money.


Q: Are funds removed from my account immediately?
A: Sending funds is similar to withdrawing money from an ATM; funds are immediately debited from your account.

Q: Will any personal information be shared with my recipient?
A: No, the recipient will only receive an email stating your name and that you are sending money.

Q: Is there a dollar limit for transactions?
A: The Citizens Commerce P2P payment service allows you a maximum withdrawal limit of $3000 every 24-hours, and a maximum of $10000 per 30 days.

Q: Is there a cutoff time for processing P2P payments?
A: The cutoff time to send a P2P payment is 4:00 EST. Any payments submitted after this time will post to both accounts the next day.

Q: Can you cancel a P2P payment?
A: P2P payments cannot be cancelled. The only way a payment will not be processed is if the recipient does not input their debit card information into the link emailed to them.

Q: Does my recipient need to have a Citizens Commerce Bank account?
A: No, the recipient can bank anywhere; all they need is debit card attached to a U.S. checking account.

Q: Is there a fee for P2P?
A: No, there is not a charge for P2P.